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Dubai: High Levels of E. coli Found on Greens

Though Dubai has been cracking down on food safety across the board, it appears the country is struggling to ensure the cleanliness and safety of salad greens. Every sample of arugula salad leaves tested from 64 different stores in Dubai and nearby Sharjah was found to be contaminated with high levels of potentially disease-causing E…. Continue Reading

Dubai to Require Food Safety Management in 2011

Dubai will begin requiring all food establishments to have a certified Person in Charge for food safety and quality, a move that continues the municipality’s drive to improve food safety after two children lost their lives to foodborne illness last year. “Food safety is a critical part of operating a food business.  Illnesses resulting from… Continue Reading

Dubai Cracks Down on Food Safety During Ramadan

Dubai Municipalitiy’s Food Control Department issued nearly 200 fines to establishments caught breaking food safety regulations in early August, the month of Ramadan. The inspectors focused on outlets selling food in particular demand during the holy month. The National newspaper reported that Sultan Ali al Tahir, the acting head of the Product Control section, said… Continue Reading

UAE to Launch Food Surveillance System

The UAE expects to enact a national surveillance system to track foodborne illness and draw all food safety activities under one unified law by the end of the year. According to the local Khaleej Times, the nation’s top food safety body is working on legislation that will boost food safety in all the emirates. “The… Continue Reading

UAE Cracks Down on Food Safety Violators

Public health officials in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, are cracking down on restaurant owners for food safety violations and may dole out more jail time if a proposed law is passed. The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has proposed a law that would allow it to impose tougher… Continue Reading

Dubai Implements Food Safety Campaign

The death of two children in Dubai has sparked pressure on restaurants and consumers across the emirate to improve food hygiene standards. According to Emirates Business 24/7, the Dubai Municipality increased the number of inspections of restaurants and other food outlets and launched a food safety awareness campaign named “Food Safety is Our Priority.” The… Continue Reading