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Looks like BPI got ABC’s insurance money plus $177 million

Disney files reports with SEC showing multi-million settlement in wake of 'pink slime' trial

The confidential settlement reached on June 28 between Beef Products Inc., and Disney-owned ABC News is not entirely a secret anymore. The Walt Disney Company’s quarterly financial filing with the Securities and Executive Commission (SEC) shows a charge of $177 million “net of committed insurance recoveries,” incurred in connection with a litigation settlement. Disney’s financial disclosures appear… Continue Reading

Jury trial begins today in BPI v. ABC on the saga of ‘pink slime’

ELK POINT, SD — A 12-member jury and four alternates, including 11 women and five men, are ready to hear opening arguments today in a $1.9 billion defamation trial scheduled to last eight weeks here at the Union County Court House. Five years in the making, the trial pits a locally based niche beef processor… Continue Reading

Disney Bans Junk Food Marketing from its Network Kingdom

Over the next three years, the Walt Disney Company will phase junk food advertising out of its TV and radio programming targeted at kids. Under the new plan – announced Tuesday – all foods marketed on Disney’s channels will have to meet the company’s nutrition guidelines, created in 2006 and recently updated to align with… Continue Reading