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Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Institute of Medicine: Low Salt Intake May Be Unhealthy

Health experts have long promoted one simple, consistent message when it comes to salt intake: cut back. Now, a review from the Institute of Medicine suggests that a diet too low in sodium may actually be unhealthy for those at risk for heart problems. This conclusion was drawn by a committee designated by IOM tasked… Continue Reading

‘My Plate’ — Rounding out the American Diet

Earlier this month, the food pyramid officially became old news as the government rolled out a new image to promote healthy eating: a plate depicting the five food groups and how much space they should occupy at mealtime.    Now the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which has been developing this initiative over the past… Continue Reading

Food Pyramid Scrapped for Simpler ‘My Plate’

America’s widely recognized food pyramid is being replaced by a simpler, more relevant nutritional symbol: a plate. First Lady Michelle Obama, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Surgeon General Regina Benjamin unveiled “My Plate,” a graphic intended to give consumers an easy-to-understand guide to healthy eating, at a news conference Thursday. The symbol is divided into… Continue Reading

2010 Dietary Guidelines, Deconstructed

I have now had time to look at the full report of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines-all 95 pages of what they are calling “the policy document.” Oh no!  What happened to the Selected Messages for Consumers that I posted yesterday?  “Enjoy your food” is not in it and neither are any of the other clear,… Continue Reading

New Dietary Guidelines: Enjoy Food, Eat Less

The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 come close to what Michael Pollan advised in his book, “Food Rules”:  Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. A bit more prosaically, the U.S. Department of Agriculture puts it this way: “Enjoy your food, but eat less … make half your plate fruits and vegetables.” Cutting down… Continue Reading

Kid Foods Labeled ‘Better for You’ Often Aren’t

When the label on the children’s food product says it’s better for you, chances are it’s not, and one nutrition advocacy group suggests that in the absence of federal regulation, companies are making deceptive claims. Prevention Institute of Oakland, CA. found that 84 percent of the children’s food products it examined did not meet even… Continue Reading

Federal Spending on Fruits and Veggies Falls Short

A nonprofit group has released a report citing the need for more government support of programs to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in American diets. The 2010 Gap Analysis, issued Monday by the Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH), concludes that while federal officials have repeatedly highlighted the importance of consuming more fruits… Continue Reading

What nutrients did you put on your tongue today?

How many times a day do you consider the nutritional value of what you place on your tongue? Do you think, “Mmmmm…Beta Carotein, just what I wanted?” Huh? Never? Don’t tell me you’ve never thought, “Oh yea, calcium is just what I needed this morning!” Really? Not you? All right, how about “Yummy, yummy chocolate?”… Continue Reading