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Denver Post

No Recommendation From Stakeholders Group on Marijuana Edibles in Colorado

The marijuana edibles issue is being dropped like a hot potato into the newly split Colorado Legislature after an advisory group’s mandate ran out before it could come to any kind of consensus. It will pit the state’s nearly one-year-old, cash-rich recreational marijuana industry against public health and non=profit health group Smart Colorado. The last… Continue Reading

Oregon GMO-Labeling Campaign Gets Money, Major Endorsement

But it's a different story in Colorado

Among the first signs of trouble for California’s Proposition 37 and Washington’s Initiative 522 were critical newspaper editorial writers who found flaws in the food-labeling measures, both of which ended up narrowly failing at the ballot box. But this year in Oregon and Colorado, anyone looking to newspaper editorials for an early cue on how… Continue Reading

Letter From the Editor: Book Review

Two award-winning health writers from the Denver Post have written Eating Dangerously, to be published by Rowman & Littlefield next month. The publishers graciously provided me with a review copy. Michael Booth and Jennifer Brown are beat reporters in one of a handful of states that seems to have more than its share of foodborne… Continue Reading