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David Gumpert

FDA raw milk petition divides fans; one camp admits hazards

The new strategy to bust loose more territory for retail sales of raw milk has caused the unintended consequence of dividing proponents over a petition asking the Food and Drug Administration to make it happen. In May, attorneys Jonathan W. Emord and Bethany R. Kennedy of Cliffton, VA, petitioned FDA on behalf of the Real Food… Continue Reading

Inspection of Miller’s Organic Farm is July 11; raw milk at issue

Amos Miller had his day in court, but he failed to show cause as to why Miller’s Organic Farm and he “should not produce the summoned information and grant summoned access.” That’s what federal Judge Edward G. Smith states in a newly issued court order. And that order, according to Paul Flanagan, a USDA Food… Continue Reading

Letter From the Editor: A ‘Superfood’ Controversy


Dietary supplements — all those pills, powders, and liquid substances — have long existed in a kind of food safety twilight zone. Unlike drugs, supplements do not require the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval before going on the market, nor are the high standards being applied to food and even animal feed under the… Continue Reading