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The Food Safety News Top 10 News Stories of 2013

Editor’s Note: Each year, the writers and editors of Food Safety News pick the top 10 news stories based on the story’s overall importance within the food safety community. This year, we’ve added a separate listing of the top 10 foodborne illness outbreaks, as compiled by managing editor James Andrews and published on Dec. 27…. Continue Reading

The 10 Biggest Foodborne Illness Outbreaks of 2013

Chicken and fresh produce lead the pack

Editor’s note: 2013 saw dozens of well-publicized foodborne illness outbreaks. While many of them were found to have sickened a handful of individuals, a few stood out as especially wide in scope. Food Safety News has compiled a list of 10 of the biggest U.S. outbreaks in 2013. Please note that the list excludes Norovirus outbreaks and… Continue Reading

Cyclospora Illnesses Reach 646 in 24 States

At least 646 people have now fallen ill with Cyclospora infections in connection with an outbreak that hit 24 states between June and August, according to the latest update from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At least 44 of those individuals have been hospitalized. Those ill range in age from less than… Continue Reading

635 Ill with Cyclospora; Taylor Farms Resumes Production

After announcing on Monday that the Cyclospora illnesses in Texas were not linked to the outbreak in Iowa and Nebraska, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have kept their case count at 610 people in 22 states. That number lags behind the official count by the Texas Department of State Health Services, which… Continue Reading

National Cyclospora Outbreak: What We Do and Don’t Know

Nearly two months have passed since state and federal health authorities first became aware on June 28 of two related cases of Cyclospora infection in Iowa residents. Considering Iowa typically sees one or two such cases a year, the small irregularity immediately caught the attention of state health officials. Within weeks, authorities had identified several… Continue Reading

Cyclospora Can Cause Weeks of Illness Before Being Identified

Nell Townsend was perplexed when she woke up the morning before her family vacation and didn’t have any energy. The retired 65 year-old from Jacksonville, FL, leads an active life, travels often and never gets sick. But on this particular June morning, she just felt lethargic, apathetic and not herself. As it turned out, Townsend… Continue Reading

Cyclospora Illnesses Up to 596

At least 596 people in 19 states have fallen ill with Cyclospora infection since June. The latest number of cases by state is as follows: Arkansas (10 cases), California (1), Connecticut (1), Florida (29), Georgia (4), Illinois (11), Iowa (155), Kansas (4), Louisiana (3), Minnesota (2), Missouri (4), Nebraska (86), New Hampshire (1), New Jersey (2),… Continue Reading