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California Consumers are About to Get a Taste of ‘a2 Milk’

“The milk that might change everything.” That’s the bold claim of a brand that will soon be sold as “a2 Milk” here in the United States. An April launch, complete with a robust amount of advertising and in-store demos, is slated for California retail outlets from Safeway and Krogers to Whole Foods. The a2 Milk… Continue Reading

Very Small Number of Dairies Found Illegally Using Antibiotics

A very small number of dairy farms have been found using animal antibiotics in ways not approved by law, according to a new study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine. Because antibiotic residues immediately appear in milk, dairy cows are only supposed to receive drugs when they’re known to be sick. Regardless,… Continue Reading

The Cull Cow Quandry


Some of the most disgusting images of modern agriculture being presented to the American public are those of old cull cows being inhumanely treated and mishandled by workers in the slaughter house pens. The Humane Society of the United States, PETA and other organizations that want us to stop slaughtering animals for human consumption keep… Continue Reading

Quarantine Lifted in Washington State Bovine Tuberculosis Case

The Washington State Department of Agriculture on Wednesday lifted its quarantine for a dairy involved in a case of bovine tuberculosis first reported January 17. The dairy, Juergens Brothers Dairy in Moses Lake, WA, was placed under quarantine by the agriculture department when a cow from the dairy tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (TB) after being… Continue Reading

Bovine Tuberculosis Suspected in WA Dairy Cow

A Washington State dairy cow sent to slaughter is suspected to have been infected with the bacteria that causes bovine tuberculosis, which can also cause tuberculosis in humans. This is the first case of bovine tuberculosis detected in the state since 1988. The problem was spotted at the slaughter facility by an inspector for the… Continue Reading

Test Finds Too Much Juice in CA Dairy Cow

A dairy operation in Tipton, CA was using too much of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory animal drug known as flunixin and could not pass a residue test. Flunixin is effective in reducing pain, fever and inflammation in animals, and the over-the-counter drug is popular on dairy farms. It’s as useful for treating animals as aspirin and… Continue Reading