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Senate Passes Farm Bill

Legislation includes study on food recall insurance for farmers

In a rare show of bipartisanship, the Senate passed the farm bill on Thursday by a vote of 64 to 35. The bill, which sets the nation’s agriculture and nutrition policy for the next five years, would end direct payments for commodity crop farmers, but ramp up subsidized crop insurance to save nearly $24 billion… Continue Reading

Senate Farm Bill ‘Vote-o-rama’ Rejects Catfish Inspection Program

Few food safety measures among Senate's 73 farm bill amendments

The Senate was hard at work Tuesday considering dozens of farm bill amendments in an hours-long “vote-o-rama” that included repealing a 2008 farm bill provision to create a catfish inspection program at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Unless the House decides that the program — which the Government Accountability Office has deemed duplicative and an… Continue Reading

Growing Crops with Conservation and Food Safety in Mind

The subsidy discussion in the United States most often focuses on the impact of subsidizing certain crops, such as corn, wheat and soybeans, through the direct and counter-cyclical payments program to the exclusion of fruits and vegetables and therefore to the detriment of our national health (see, for example, The Fat of the Land:  Do… Continue Reading