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NCSL Maps State Raw Milk Laws as 2015 Legislatures Reach Adjournment

Perhaps no other organization in the country is better positioned to know the best time for drawing a new map of current state raw milk laws and policies than the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). The bipartisan group, based in Denver, closely tracks state and territorial legislative sessions, and it has chosen this moment… Continue Reading

Sponsor of Maryland Raw-Milk Cow-Share Bill Gives Up

The individual cow-share (or herd-share) scheme Maryland legislative analysts said could double the number of the state’s raw milk-caused outbreaks is dead. Delegate James Hubbard (D-Bowie) withdrew House Bill 3 on Monday after failing to get it through the House Health and Government Operations Committee. The veteran legislator could not dislodge HB 3 from the… Continue Reading

Analysis: Easier Raw Milk Sales Could Double Illness Outbreaks in Maryland

Staffing and Lab Costs Will Increase

Maryland’s Department of Legislative Services says that making raw milk sales legal through individual cow-share or herd-share schemes could increase sporadic or isolated cases of illnesses from unpasteurized milk from almost none today to 100-165 per year. In addition, the independent fiscal and policy analysis of House Bill 3 predicts raw milk-borne outbreaks in the… Continue Reading

Ontario Raw Milk Crusader Getting His Day in Province’s Highest Court

The Canadian equivalent of the U.S. Courts of Appeal – the Ontario Court of Appeal – today will hear oral arguments to decide if barriers to the sale and distribution of raw milk infringe upon any right that might exist to drink the unpasteurized beverage. Not surprisingly, the case involving those issues is being brought… Continue Reading

Legislative Cutoff Dates Begin to Kill Raw Milk Bills

A bill to open the door to raw milk distribution in Wyoming was slammed shut after it missed a key cutoff date. It is unlikely the Wyoming Legislature will see any further action taken on Senate File 0112. Wyoming bans the sale of raw milk, but SF 0112 would have allowed holders of “small herd… Continue Reading