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Costa Rica

Imported food sickens more Americans than ever

Increasing demand in the U.S. for year-round access to all foods means more foreign food in grocery stores and that means more foodborne illness outbreaks from imported food. Writing for the March edition of Emerging Infectious Diseases, a journal of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, four researchers take a deep dive into outbreak trends involving… Continue Reading

Beach Beat: Del Monte’s pretty in pink with OK for GMO


You’ve gotta give it to those marketing magicians at Del Monte Fresh Produce Co. Back in the 1990s when they introduced the phrase “golden extra sweet pineapple” they stated the obvious with fabulous flair. I can’t help myself. I have to write down the entire phrase when drafting a shopping list. That brilliance will no… Continue Reading

Costa Rica Inspected Hundreds of Restaurants

For 35,000 resident Americans and two million tourists from the states, leisurely dining out in Costa Rica is part of the “Pure Life.” Restaurants in Costa Rica are regulated by the Health Ministry, which on May 12 began doing something unusual.  It began inspecting hundreds of restaurants in the country for health code violations and… Continue Reading

FDA Outreach in Latin America, Part III

As part of our ongoing expert Q&A series: An in-depth look at how the FDA’s headquarters in Latin America works to promote safer food With over 220,000 foreign food facilities in more than 150 countries registered to import food into the United States, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a lot to keep… Continue Reading