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Food safety risks, costs, waste likely to increase in ‘clean’ era

Two veteran food science and human nutrition experts at Iowa State University are worried about food safety eroding and food waste piling up because of millennials’ demands for “clean food.” ISU Professors Ruth MacDonald and Ruth Litchfield say the individual choices food manufacturers are making to make “clean label” claims are having negative consequences when it… Continue Reading

Report: Food Recalls Have Nearly Doubled Since 2002

The number of U.S. food products recalled — and the costs associated with those recalls — have nearly doubled since 2002, according to a report by reinsurance company Swiss Re. In more than half of those recalls, the process of recalling the food cost the affected company more than $10 million. Some companies lost more… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: 14 Pathogens cost us $4B to $33B Yearly

An article entitled, “Annual Cost of Illness and Quality-Adjusted Life Year Losses in the United States Due to 14 Foodborne Pathogens,” which appears in this month’s Journal of Food Protection, again points to the personal and societal costs of food that went bad. The article, written by Sandra Hoffman, Michael Batz and J. Glenn Morris,… Continue Reading

Annual Foodborne Illnesses Cost $77 Billion, Study Finds

Foodborne illness poses a $77.7 billion economic burden in the United States annually, according to a new study published in the Journal of Food Protection. The new estimate is significantly lower than the oft-cited $152 billion figure, which was calculated by Robert Scharff, a consumer science professor at Ohio State University, in 2010. The new… Continue Reading

Germany’s E. coli Outbreak Most Costly In History

Some estimates are slowly starting to come in for the painful suffering and deaths associated with Europe’s ongoing E. coli O104 outbreak. Until now, the price tags on the deadly outbreak have come from farmers throughout the European Union, who experienced crop losses when they could not sell fresh produce as the hunt for the… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: Ramifications

Any time something big happens, there are ramifications.  With the President’s signature this week, the biggest shake up in food safety in 70 years became reality. But that reality includes the fact that the country’s debt just went over the $14 trillion mark and the trajectory continues skyward.  Food safety will be just so many… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: Where’s the Cash?

The Food Safety Act of 2010 (an amalgam of S. 510, with the Tester/Hagen Amendment, and H.B. 2749) was quietly signed into law, along with a few dozen other bills, by President Obama upon his return from his Christmas and New Year holiday in Hawaii.  The quiet signing ceremony of legislation that passed overwhelmingly in both houses,… Continue Reading