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Coral Beach

Beach Beat: Breitbart, WAPO on the same page with gross news


From Breitbart News Network to The Washington Post, a story about Costco shopping carts and raw meat briefly captured the attention of media from right to left this week in a rare alignment. Actually, though, Costco is getting a raw deal. Only its shopping carts were involved, apparently without permission, but some people misunderstood a… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: Food Safety News is safe to read


Coral Beach, our new managing editor, reminded me this week that back in the day of working for daily newspapers that actually involved the use of ink and paper, there were still problems. One was the common paper tear that could occur just as the presses were starting  up. This was not something that typically… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: Rebuilding Season


Coral Beach, formerly of The Packer, is the new managing editor of Food Safety News. She succeeds Cathy Siegner, who left us in December to become a project director for Ballotepedia. Also moving on at year-end was Lydia Zuraw, our Washington D.C. correspondent for the past two and half years. She has joined Kaiser Health… Continue Reading