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Before crisis strikes: Earn consumer trust through transparency


No one is immune from a food safety crisis and its ripple effects on consumers, stakeholders and hard-earned reputations. Maybe you’re fortunate and it’s been smooth sailing so far. But be prepared. A crisis – whether big or small – is in your future and earning trust is critical to successfully managing the fallout. The… Continue Reading

Consumers want transparency, not just see-through packaging

Consumers are becoming increasingly wary of what they didn’t know about their food; more concerned that food processors might be intentionally hiding things from them. A story published by Forbes in fall 2015 pointed out the dangers of not being upfront. They asked processors that frightening question: “What did you know and when did you… Continue Reading

Detwiler Interview: Food Safety from a Consumer Perspective

Darin Detwiler, adjunct faculty at Northeastern University and Senior Policy Coordinator at STOP Foodborne Illness, sat down with Food Safety News at the 2015 Food Safety Summit in Baltimore, MD, last month to discuss food safety from a consumer perspective. Detwiler’s son, Riley, was one of four children who died in the 1993 Jack in… Continue Reading

It’s Not All About the Science


This article originally appeared in the October/November 2013 edition of Food Safety Magazine. The author has provided a number of references listed at the end of the article. “GMO health risks,”[1] “The sweet lowdown: Exposing the unhealthy truth about sugar,”[2] “Is high-fructose corn syrup bad for you?”[3] and “Chemical cuisine. Learn about food additives”[4] —… Continue Reading

Food Safety Top Concern for Canadians

E. coli seen as biggest threat more than a month after XL recall

The safety of the food supply is a leading concern for Canadians, according to a survey conducted more than a month after XL Foods recalled 1.5 million pounds of beef products sold in the country for potential E. coli contamination. The XL beef was eventually linked to 18 E. coli O157:H7 illnesses that occurred between… Continue Reading

Survey: Despite Ongoing Outbreaks, Americans See Food Supply as Safe

The continuous drum beat of multistate foodborne illness outbreaks has not done much to shake consumer confidence in the U.S. food supply, according to a new study released this week. The NPD Group, a market research firm,  reports that 60 percent of U.S. consumers are only somewhat or slightly concerned about the safety of the… Continue Reading

Survey Shines Spotlight on Perceptions About Food Safety

What you know about food safety and the way you handle and prepare food helps determine how safe you are — or how at risk you are — from coming down with a foodborne illness. With that in mind, the International Food Information Council Foundation has been tracking food-safety practices that different sectors of the… Continue Reading

Majority of Americans Confident in Safety of Food Supply, Survey Finds

The vast majority of Americans have confidence in the safety of the U.S. food supply, according to a new survey by the International Food Information Council, a food industry communications group. The “2012 Food & Health Survey” shows a jump over last year’s confidence numbers, which IFIC found particularly interesting considering the survey was fielded… Continue Reading