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Managing ‘Black Gold’: Animal Manure and Antibiotic Resistance

Many farmers refer to manure as “black gold” and rightly so because it adds nutrients to the soil, which helps crops grow and be more productive. In earlier times, before the advent of synthetic fertilizers, crop farmers would often buy a cow solely for the manure it would produce and use the manure for fertilizer…. Continue Reading

What’s in Your Compost?


For home gardeners, spring is a busy time of year and there’s never a tomato with more flavor than one grown to full ripeness on the vine. But there are also many safety precautions to follow to prevent contamination of fruits and vegetables with pathogens that cause serious foodborne illness. Michele Jay-Russell, a veterinarian and… Continue Reading

Researchers Find Pathogens in Compost

The practice of composting has proved to be an important alternative to landfills for recycling waste organic matter.  At least 22 states in the U.S. now have restrictions or bans on the disposal of yard trimmings in landfills. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drafted the findings of an evaluation of pathogen reduction in composting sewage… Continue Reading

UF Predicts Where Pathogens Grow

Organic farms using manure as fertilizer may not be creating growing areas as fertile for foodborne pathogens as once thought. A new computer model–called COLIWAVE–developed by researchers at the University of Florida, Wageningen University and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands predicts contamination risks. As they describe in a paper in the online version… Continue Reading