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Political impact lingers after two main events in meat industry

Political ramifications are coming in from two events in the past week involving the meat industry. The first event was a July 12 forum sponsored by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on issues surrounding the cultured meat grown from in vitro animals cell culture. A big newsmaker at that event was Dr. Michael Hansen,… Continue Reading

Public overwhelmingly favors term ‘lab-grown’ over ‘clean’ meat

Consumer Reports, published by the 7 million-member nonprofit Consumers Union, last week reported on survey results showing the public expects laboratory-produced meat from cultured animal cells to be clearly labeled. The results show the public favors different language that those pushing the new products. “By an overwhelming margin, our survey found that consumers want clear… Continue Reading

Clean meat staking its claim amid regulatory uncertainty


As the world’s population balloons, agriculture and science have converged to create sustainable, innovative solutions to food production. The fruits of this “Ag Tech” evolution includes groundbreaking technology that has fomented the production of “clean meat” via cellular agriculture as a viable alternative to conventional animal agriculture.  Given the novelty of how clean meat is… Continue Reading

Inbox fills while Senate drags out confirmation for Breshears

The U.S. Senate hasn’t scheduled her confirmation hearing yet. A local radio disc jockey has called her a “pink slime denier.” But, nothing really terrible has happened to Mindy Brashears in the past month. Since May 10, the professor and director of the International Center for Food Industry Excellence at Texas Tech University has also been… Continue Reading

Angling in the lab: Fish fry without the hook, line or sinker

There’s an art to catching a fish, as many an avid angler will tell you. But for biochemist Mike Selden, CEO of Finless Foods, it takes some serious science to grow one. Serious science such as extracting a sample about the size of a quarter from a living fish, putting it into a bioreactor filled… Continue Reading

Lab-made meat, poultry get big funding boost from big food

It’s the future of meat and poultry — or at least part of the future. That’s what some investors, among them global agricultural heavyweight Cargill Inc., are saying about meat grown in labs from cells taken from animals without slaughtering them. On Aug. 22, Memphis Meats Inc. in the Bay Area of California, which so far has produced beef, chicken… Continue Reading

Clean, safe, humane — producers say lab meat is a triple win

“The meatball that changed the world.” That was the enthusiastic prediction early last year from Uma Valeti, a cardiologist and now CEO of Memphis Meats, as he admired the freshly cooked meatball arranged gourmet-style on a plate. As a meatball, it definitely had a lot going for it. It was made by specialty chef Dave… Continue Reading