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class action lawsuit

Quorn agrees to change labels to reveal main ingredient is mold

Described by critics as being made from “vat-grown fungus,” Quorn Foods Inc. products are getting new labels prominently declaring they contain mold. The new label language is part of a class action settlement agreement between the company and a woman who filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of herself and anyone else in the United States… Continue Reading

Lawsuit Claims Beneful Dog Food is Poisoning Pets

Company calls the complaint 'baseless'

A class-action lawsuit filed Feb. 5 in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California claims that certain ingredients in Beneful dry kibble dog food from Nestlé Purina PetCare Company have sickened or killed thousands of dogs. Frank Lucido of Discovery Bay, CA, states in the complaint that after his family began feeding their three… Continue Reading

Dairy Industry: Not the Animal It Is Alleged to Be

Aside from many comments disagreeing with the topic being worthy of Food Safety News publishing, Michele Simon’s Nov. 21 opinion piece, “Dairy Industry Making a Killing, by Killing Cows?,” is even further from the truth than it is relevancy.  Simon addresses a class action filed September 26, 2011 that charges the dairy industry with federal… Continue Reading

Dairy Industry Making a Killing, by Killing Cows?

Lawsuit alleges massive price-fixing scheme


If you think you’re paying too much for a gallon of milk these days, it could be the result of an elaborate price-fixing scheme, according to a recent class action that charges the dairy industry with federal antitrust violations, among other claims. The case was instigated by the animal advocacy organization Compassion Over Killing whose… Continue Reading

ConAgra Sued Over GMO ‘100% Natural’ Cooking Oils


If you use Wesson brand cooking oils, you may be able to join a class action against food giant ConAgra for deceptively marketing the products as natural. These days it’s hard to walk down a supermarket aisle without bumping into a food product that claims to be “all-natural.” If you’ve ever wondered how even some… Continue Reading

Class Action Suit Filed Against NC Olive Garden

A class action lawsuit has been filed against an Olive Garden restaurant in Fayetteville, NC where a food server infected with hepatitis A potentially exposed thousands of diners to the virus.  The suit was filed in Cumberland County Superior Court by Seattle-based food safety law firm Marler Clark, in conjunction with Ashland-based Robert & Stevenson,… Continue Reading

Class Action Can Be Tool Against HAV

Bacteria, viruses and parasites–the unholy trinity of foodborne illnesses–hurt people in such unique and different ways so-called “class action” lawsuits brought on behalf of victims of foodborne illness are rare. Instead, the injured bring individual lawsuits and claims against the responsible parties.  That is because food poisoning injuries vary greatly from one individual to another…. Continue Reading

Class Action Foodborne-Illness Claims

“Class Action Foodborne-Illness Claims” focuses on the elements of a class action lawsuit, certification of a class, and gives reasoning to the decision behind bringing individual lawsuits on behalf of victims of foodborne illness: Because individuals injured in a foodborne illness outbreak sustain varying degrees of injuries, a class action lawsuit typically is not the… Continue Reading