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Clark County

FDA, CDC won’t release details on tuna Salmonella outbreak

Although a county epidemiologist reported extensive details this week on a multi-state outbreak of Salmonella linked to tuna, federal agencies won’t release information on the investigation, which began more than a month ago. Before the epidemiologist’s presentation to the Clark County, WA, health board on Wednesday, no agencies at the local, state or federal levels… Continue Reading

Tuna linked to Salmonella outbreak; investigation just revealed

An ongoing coast-to-coast outbreak of Salmonella paratyphi linked to tuna is apparently being investigated by federal officials, but as of Thursday night, a county public health officer appears to be the only person taking publicly about it. Madison Riethman, an applied epidemiology fellow at Clark County Public Health in Washington state, discussed the outbreak Wednesday… Continue Reading

New Attempt to Open Las Vegas to Raw Milk Sales

The seven-member Clark County Commission is the target of a new lobbying campaign to open the Las Vegas market to the sale of milk that has not been pasteurized. Raw milk sales in Nevada are currently limited to counties with local raw milk commissions, and Clark County has not established one. Earlier this year, the… Continue Reading

Chorizo Possible Source of Las Vegas’s Firefly Salmonella Outbreak

Illness count jumps to 294

Epidemiologists think they have found the source of a Salmonella outbreak linked to Las Vegas’s Firefly restaurant that is now known to have sickened at least 294 people – almost 100 more illnesses than health officials previously reported. The Southern Nevada Health District announced Wednesday that the outbreak strain of Salmonella had been found in… Continue Reading

WA Restaurant Salmonella Outbreak up to 120 Cases

At least 120 people are suspected to have fallen ill in a Salmonella outbreak tied to an On the Border restaurant in Vancouver, Wash., Clark County Health told Food Safety News Tuesday. That case count includes 43 laboratory-confirmed patients and another 77 who exhibit symptoms and had a corresponding exposure history. The number ill rose by… Continue Reading

No Answers in WA Restaurant Salmonella Tests

Environmental testing did not aid health officials in identifying the cause of a Salmonella outbreak that occurred at an On the Border restaurant in Vancouver, Wash. beginning in September. As with many foodborne illness outbreaks, the cause will likely remain undetermined, the Columbian reported Wednesday. As of Wednesday, Clark County Health said the outbreak had… Continue Reading

As WA Restaurant Reopens, Salmonella Outbreak Count Jumps to 88

Clark County Public Health allowed On the Border, a Mexican restaurant in Vancouver, WA, to reopen just as local officials confirmed the Salmonella outbreak connected to the establishment has grown to 88 possible cases. CCPH closed the restaurant Oct. 9 while investigating the cause of the outbreak. On Monday, the health department told The Columbian… Continue Reading

More Illnesses Linked to Southern Washington State Mexican Restaurant

At least 21 confirmed cases and 55 suspected Salmonella infections have now been linked to On the Border Restaurant in southern WA. The outbreak – which was officially linked to the Vancouver, WA restaurant Wednesday – has been connected to a growing number of Salmonella cases which have now been identified as a strain of… Continue Reading