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Central Valley Meat

Meat Recalls + Slaughter Plant Shutdowns = Supplier for the National School Lunch Program?


When you think about the food being served in school cafeterias nationwide, do the words meat recall, animal abuse, unsanitary conditions and slaughter plant shutdowns come to mind? Perhaps they should. A few weeks ago, the U.S. Department of Agriculture temporarily shut the doors of Central Valley Meat (CVM), a dairy cow slaughter plant in… Continue Reading

USDA Clears Central Valley Meat to Supply School Food Again

The U.S. Department of Agriculture late last week lifted its suspension of Central Valley Meat as a beef supplier for the federal nutrition programs, according to Meatingplace. The moves comes a few weeks after the company was shut down for several days following an undercover video that alleged egregious abuse of cows. The department concluded… Continue Reading

Food Safety Was Never at Risk at Central Valley Meat

Food safety was never at risk at Central Valley Meat, which was shut down for a week for inhumane treatment of animals. But USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has concluded that no downer cows entered the food supply, meaning incidents of inhumane treatment did not result in any food safety violations. The Hanford,… Continue Reading

Humane Animal Handling Will Come With More Cameras, NAMA Says

The livestock industry’s top expert on animal behavior is teaming up with the North American Meat Association to put more eyes on high-risk animals and their handlers. Temple Grandin, the world renowned animal science professor at Colorado State University, is partnering with NAMA, the organization formed by the July 1 merger of the National Meat… Continue Reading

USDA Allows Slaughterhouse Shut Down for Abuse to Resume Operations

One week after the U.S. Department of Agriculture withdrew inspectors from a California slaughterhouse over alleged animal abuse and inhumane slaughter, the agency gave the plant the green light to resume operations on Monday after reviewing the company’s corrective plan. The Food Safety and Inspection service said Central Valley Meat Co. submitted an “extensive corrective… Continue Reading

Central Valley Meat Company: USDA Did its Job, OK?


On August 19, 2012, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) ordered its inspection staff at Central Valley Meat (CVM) to go home. Because the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA) of 1906 requires inspection by USDA to be continuous during slaughter of cattle, this USDA action essentially shuttered the plant for the time being. This action… Continue Reading

CA Lawmakers Ask USDA to Reopen Slaughterhouse Shut Down for Inhumane Treatment

As the slaughterhouse accused of egregious humane handling violations remains unable to process meat after the U.S. Department of Agriculture withdrew inspectors from the plant over the weekend, three Central California Republican congressman are urging Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to “immediately” allow the company to operate again. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and Reps…. Continue Reading

USDA Bought 21 Million Pounds of Beef Last Year from Slaughterhouse Now Closed for Animal Abuse

Purchases from Central Valley Meat Co. were worth nearly $50 million in 2011 The U.S. Department of Agriculture purchased 21.2 million pounds of beef last year from Central Valley Meat, the plant shut down this week for inhumane treatment of cows. The beef went to federal nutrition programs like the National School Lunch Program, according… Continue Reading