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More Battling Than Policy Changes Mark 2014 State Raw-Milk Action


There are still multiple endings that could be put on the raw-milk story told during the 2014 state legislative season. One popular theory is that the foodies and libertarians have joined hands in a great coalition to pass bills to legalize unpasteurized milk across the land. These theorists point to 40 bills introduced in 23… Continue Reading

Consumers Warned About Toxins in Anchovies and Sardines From Two CA Counties


The California Department of Public Health is advising consumers not to eat commercially or recreationally caught anchovies or sardines, or the internal organs of commercially or recreationally caught crab, from Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. According to CDPH, dangerous levels of domoic acid have been detected in some of these species and could be present in others…. Continue Reading

California Assembly Likely to Repeal ‘No Bare Hands’ Rule


After California’s new regulation restricting food workers from handling ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands sparked an outcry, state legislators are trying to take it back. The bill to repeal Section 113961 of the Health and Safety Code unanimously passed the Assembly’s Health Committee on Tuesday and will now go to a floor vote. “A vast number… Continue Reading

GE Labeling Resurrected in California, Petition For Ballot Measure Circulating in Colorado


California’s 2012 food-labeling ballot measure, rejected by state voters, makes a return from the grave tomorrow with a public hearing in Sacramento. And another state initiative is in the offing in Colorado. Since the narrow loss for the Golden State’s Proposition 37, which called for labeling foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), almost half… Continue Reading

Senate Bill Proposes GE Labeling in California


Remember California’s Proposition 37? It was the 2012 ballot initiative that would have required genetically engineered (GE) food sold in California to be labeled as such. Prop. 37 would have also prohibited GE foods sold in California from being labeled “natural.” This aspect of the initiative got less attention, but would have had significant repercussions… Continue Reading

CA Health Department Warns Against Eating Pesticide-Tainted Imported Cactus


The California Department of Public Health is warning people not to eat cactus imported from Mexico that were sold at specific retail and wholesale locations around the state. The cactus has been found to contain unapproved pesticides. A recent routine surveillance sample collected by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation isolated as much as 5.8… Continue Reading

Bay Area’s Last Major Slaughterhouse Struggles with Recalls, Closures

Cattle herd

This article was written by Christopher Peak, a Marin Media Institute Research Fellow for the Point Reyes Light. After nearly a century in business, the Bay Area’s last major slaughterhouse facility has once again closed its doors, for the second time in less than a month. Following a massive recall of about 8.7 million pounds… Continue Reading

USDA Identifies Some Retailers in Massive Beef Recall


The U.S. Department of Agriculture has finally identified some of the retailers who sold some of the 9 million pounds of beef recalled in California by Rancho Feeding Corporation late last week. Missing from the list are any retailers in Florida, Illinois and Texas who might have sold the meat, according to the initial recall notice…. Continue Reading

‘No Bare Hands’ Rule in California Sparks Opposition


Some chefs and bartenders in California are miffed about a new regulation restricting them from handling ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands. At the beginning of January, language in the state’s food code changed from directing food employees to “minimize bare hand and arm contact” to strictly requiring them not to: “Except when washing fruits… Continue Reading

Processor Recalls Beef Products Distributed Without Proper USDA Inspection


(This article has been updated to include an expansion of the recall, issued Jan. 16. The original recall was issued Jan. 13.) Due to lacking a full federal inspection, a California beef processor is recalling 41,683 pounds of beef in whole carcasses and in parts in boxes it shipped to meat markets in northern areas… Continue Reading