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Friends don’t make friends sick on Super Bowl Sunday


I come from a long line of, “Oh, just leave that leftover chicken – or pheasant, or scrambled eggs, or fried potatoes – on the counter. Someone will eat it later.” And there they’d sit – on a small saucer on the toaster – and people would nibble at them all afternoon and into the… Continue Reading

WY Restaurant Outbreak Likely from Norovirus

At least 167 residents around Casper, Wyo. have reported suffering from gastrointestinal illnesses in the past week, according to the Casper-Natrona County Health Department. The evidence points to a Norovirus contamination at a buffet-style Golden Corral restaurant in east Casper as the source, health department director Robert Harrington told Food Safety News. Thus far, none of… Continue Reading

Minnesota Shows How to Cook for a Crowd

This time last year, Minnesota public health officials found themselves in the path of a political tornado – a classic clash between government and religion. Thousands of church leaders and others around the state had been alerted that the state was imposing new health standards on church potlucks and bake sales – what became known… Continue Reading

Please Pass the Bacteria

Recently, while reviewing some documents, I found a Los Angeles Health Department 2005 ACDC Special Report captioned “Please Pass The Bacteria: An Outbreak of Clostridium Perfringens Associated With Catered Thanksgiving Meals”.   I liked the title, and thought I would explore the subject of food safety risks associated with catered meals.  Thanksgiving is now long past… Continue Reading

Oklahoma E. coli O111 Outbreak

Editor’s Note:  This is the third installment in a ten-part series on meaningful foodborne illness outbreaks. After many outbreaks of E. coli O157:H7, usually associated with a recall of contaminated beef, Oklahoma woke up one morning to learn that another strain could also injure and kill.   The largest outbreak of E coli O111 saw limited… Continue Reading