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SD jury trial in BPI v ABC to start June 5, but without Diane Sawyer


ABC Broadcasting and on-air reporter Jim Avila are being ordered to face a Union County, SD jury over a $5.7 billion defamation lawsuit filed by Beef Products Inc. (BPI). ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer, however, was released from the litigation over the Disney-owned network’s depiction of a beef product that came to be known as… Continue Reading

Judge Hears Arguments in ABC’s ‘Pink Slime’ Defamation Case


Lawyers representing ABC News and two former USDA inspectors squared off Tuesday in a South Dakota courtroom against attorneys for Beef Products Inc. (BPI) in a defamation lawsuit stemming from the television network’s coverage of the company’s product, “lean finely textured beef,” commonly referred to as “pink slime,” in a series of critical media coverage… Continue Reading

IAFP 2013: Bridging the Gap Between Food Science and Public Perception


With controversial issues such as genetically engineered foods, nanotechnology and Pink Slime occupying headlines that leave consumers concerned and food company executives wringing their hands, a panel of food safety experts convened on the second full day of the 2013 IAFP conference to answer a pressing question: How can the food industry bridge the gap… Continue Reading

BPI v. ABC Remanded Back to South Dakota Courts


Would Diane Sawyer hanging around tiny Elk Point, SD for a state Circuit Court trial be even more of a spectacle than in 1998 when Oprah Winfrey had to spent most of a week in the Texas cattle city of Amarillo? One thing for sure, Oprah got the “big” city, as Amarillo’s population was around… Continue Reading

Internal Emails Reveal FSIS Was Divided on ‘Pink Slime’

A look at the lean finely textured beef firestorm, one year later


By Helena Bottemiller and Gretchen Goetz By March of last year, lean finely textured beef (LFTB) had reached celebrity status under the unfavorable moniker “pink slime.” The product—which is made by centrifuging slightly heated fatty beef trimmings to separate out lean meat bits and then treating that meat with ammonia gas to reduce foodborne pathogens… Continue Reading

Tyson Still No. 1; JBS Almost Closed Gap and BPI Took a Hit

Meat & Poultry's top 100 rankings disclose industry performance


The trade press magazine Meat & Poultry has come out with its annual Top 100 rankings of the industry’s biggest companies. In doing the annual rankings, Meat & Poultry discloses the economic damage done to Dakota Dunes, SD-based Beef Products Inc. by last year’s media storm over the use of “lean finely textured beef” by… Continue Reading

Lawsuit Filed in E. coli Death; Defendants Include JBS, BPI and Tyson


JBS Swift, Tyson Fresh Meat, Beef Products Inc. (BPI) and several other companies have been blamed for the 2010 death of a Minnesota man due to E. coli poisoning in a lawsuit filed against the defendants on Jan. 8. Robert Danell, a 62-year-old man with Down Syndrome, died from medical complications days after falling ill… Continue Reading

Ex-BPI Employee Sues Media Over LFTB Controversy


A former Beef Products Inc. employee has filed a civil lawsuit against a number of media sources, alleging that they “willfully and maliciously” spread false and misleading statements about BPI’s beef filler known as lean finely textured beef (LFTB), a product referred to as ‘pink slime’ by these sources. Those statements, the former employee claims,… Continue Reading

“Pink Slime” Lawsuit May Be Frivolous, But Could Chill Speech


To no one’s surprise, Beef Products Inc. (BPI) – maker of the ground beef product that took on the moniker of “pink slime” – filed a defamation lawsuit earlier this month against ABC News and several individuals. As I wrote in March at the height of the media uproar and consumer backlash, the entire pink… Continue Reading