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bovine tuberculosis

Indiana seeks hunters’ help; urges caution when field dressing

Indiana officials are warning hunters to be aware of bovine tuberculosis in wild deer and to take precautions when field dressing animals. The first case of wild bovine tuberculosis in the state was documented in August in a 2-year-old, white-tailed doe. Upon the discovery, other animals in the area were tested and the disease was… Continue Reading

Meat from TB-Positive Cows Sold as Food in UK

Beef from cows that have tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is sold for human consumption in the United Kindgom, The Sunday Times reported this weekend. While major meat retailers such as Tesco reject product from cows with bTB, the federal  Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) sells the beef to some caterers… Continue Reading

Quarantine Lifted in Washington State Bovine Tuberculosis Case

The Washington State Department of Agriculture on Wednesday lifted its quarantine for a dairy involved in a case of bovine tuberculosis first reported January 17. The dairy, Juergens Brothers Dairy in Moses Lake, WA, was placed under quarantine by the agriculture department when a cow from the dairy tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (TB) after being… Continue Reading

Investigation Underway for Bovine Tuberculosis Case in CA

Agriculture officials in California are currently investigating cases of bovine tuberculosis in a dairy cow herd first reported last Wednesday. The bacteria that causes bovine tuberculosis (TB) can spread to humans via raw milk, but the cow belonged to a dairy in Tulare County which pasteurizes all of its milk, thus eliminating the risk of… Continue Reading

Bovine Tuberculosis Update: No TB at Cow’s Previous Dairy

Last week, the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) discovered a dairy cow had been sent to slaughter infected with the bacteria that causes tuberculosis in both cattle and humans. That discovery launched an investigation into the presence of additional bovine tuberculosis at both the cow’s most recent dairy and the dairy it had been… Continue Reading

Bovine Tuberculosis Suspected in WA Dairy Cow

A Washington State dairy cow sent to slaughter is suspected to have been infected with the bacteria that causes bovine tuberculosis, which can also cause tuberculosis in humans. This is the first case of bovine tuberculosis detected in the state since 1988. The problem was spotted at the slaughter facility by an inspector for the… Continue Reading