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Boston’s Chicken & Rice Guys shutdown to “sort out” E. coli outbreak

The Chicken & Rice Guys has closed its four restaurants and parked its food trucks after a week that ended with 14 of its “halal grub” customers being infected with E. coli O157:H7, and sending ten to Boston area hospitals. The temporary shutdown also came with a Facebook Live video apology from Chicken & Rice… Continue Reading

A Timeline of Chipotle’s Five Outbreaks

The multistate E. coli outbreak linked to Chipotle that began in October has garnered extensive national coverage, but it’s just one of five outbreaks the “fast casual” restaurant chain has had to deal with since July. The other four outbreaks took place in single states; however, three of them were larger than the multistate outbreak…. Continue Reading

Boston to Experiment With Letter Grades for Restaurants

Boston will soon start assigning letter grades to all restaurants based on their health inspections, The Boston Globe reports. The A, B or C grades will initially only be posted online and may later be displayed in restaurant windows. The system is expected to be put in place early next year. “We want to make… Continue Reading

Health Code Violations in Boston Not Unusual, Not Acceptable

Recent news that nearly half of Boston’s restaurants were cited for serious health code violations last year is not out of the norm but is still alarming. “At least two violations that can cause food-borne illness — the most serious of three levels — were discovered at more than 1,350 restaurants across Boston during 2014,” reported the… Continue Reading

Massachusetts Uproar Over School Bake Sales Ban

Just a year and half ago, the Obama Administration promised Congress that the child nutrition bill would not mean the end of “approved and infrequent” fund-raising bake sales for school-related causes like booster clubs and PTAs. But in implementing the new child nutrition act, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts announced a total ban on bake sales… Continue Reading

Raw Milk Killed 48 in Boston Outbreak – 100 Years Ago

Editor’s Note:  In May 1911, as many as 1,400 people in the Boston area were infected with micro-organisms – most likely staphylococci or streptococci – spread by contaminated raw milk during an outbreak that killed 48. At the time, the illnesses were called septic sore throat or simply tonsillitis. The incident remains one of the 10… Continue Reading