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Halloween toil and trouble

Halloween celebrations can be a trick or a treat when it comes to food safety. Proper preparation by parents can go a long way for children of all ages who indulge in holiday activities and goodies. These tips and tricks will help carve out food-safe festivities for party throwers and party goers. This year’s spooky season comes amidst some significant current events into food safety, such as Colorado’s recent ban on marijuana… Continue Reading

Don’t let your goblins gobble down pathogens this Halloween

Two of the most popular ingredients for Halloween celebrations can cause nightmarish results in the form of gastric distress that can haunt partiers for days or longer. Apple cider has long been a beverage of choice for Halloween and other autumn gatherings, but if it’s not been pasteurized it can contain Cryptosporidium, Salmonella, E. coli… Continue Reading

Trick or Treat? Remember Food Safety on Halloween

Eating sweet treats is a big part of the fun on Halloween. Trick-or-treating can be a safer experience for children if you remember to follow these tips below. Also, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has produced “Lucky 13 Tips for a Safe Halloween,” including advice about costumes and makeup. It can be found here…. Continue Reading