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BN Ranch

How Rancho’s insider scheme cost others millions of dollars

And left a famous rancher caught in the cross fire

While the owners of the Petaluma slaughter house were running a scheme to collect a few hundred dollars at a time from area ranchers by harvesting an occasional condemned cow and pocketing the money, the same facility was also being used by BN Ranch on its mission to create “the best-tasting, most wholesome humanely raised… Continue Reading

Independent Ranchers Still In Limbo From Rancho Beef Recall

Last August, James Baker took a job as the warehouse manager of BN Ranch after receiving an offer from the owner, Bill Niman. Baker had worked with Niman at another ranch several years prior, and he quickly jumped at the opportunity to work with him again now that Niman had his own ranch. “Bill is… Continue Reading

Rancher Fights Order in Blanket 9-Million-Pound Beef Recall

Editor’s note: This article written by Christopher Peak originally appeared in the Point Reyes Light. Food Safety News does not endorse any individual food producer on cleanliness or safety. We also do not consider antibiotics or growth hormones to be a determining factor in the ultimate safety of a food product. Regardless, we feel the article… Continue Reading