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Biosecurity Plans: Defending the Food Supply


If a disease outbreak occurs in today’s interconnected global economy, the stakes are higher than usual: Expect lost domestic and international sales, a damaged reputation, and even a hit to the U.S. economy from lost trade and employment. The desired outcome, of course, is to prevent disease outbreaks with strong biosecurity plans. Are today’s plans… Continue Reading

Letter From the Editor: Our Stake in China’s Food Safety



I think we need to have an adult conversation about the People’s Republic of China and food safety. In the 41 years since Dick Nixon and Henry Kissinger went to Beijing for tea with Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, the U.S.-China relationship has been largely based on economic interests. And, while I am fairly certain… Continue Reading

H7N9 Bird Flu Outbreak in China Gets Attention in the States


There have been a few signs this week that state health departments are beginning to prepare for the still unlikely event of China’s expanding outbreak of H7N9 bird flu reaching the United States. The Maine Public Health Alert Network System was used Tuesday to get the word out to local health officials, labs, emergency management officials,… Continue Reading