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Hidden Roommates: Uncovering Microbes at Home

Most people would not be hard-pressed to name what’s in their fridge. Milk, eggs, raw chicken and leftovers are likely candidates. But these visible items are just a fraction of what lives in this appliance, which is also home to many species of bacteria and other microorganisms. A team of researchers at North Carolina State… Continue Reading

Playgrounds for Bacteria at Fast Food Restaurants

It all happened by accident. One day this past spring, Erin Carr-Jordan, mother of four and professor at Arizona State University, rushed into a Tempe McDonald’s because her three-year-old child needed to use the bathroom. Before they left, her child wanted to spend time at the fast-food restaurant’s playground.   What happened next surprised her…. Continue Reading

Don’t Carry School Lunch Into the Danger Zone

Whether they are in backpacks, cubbies or desks, lunches packed for schoolchildren often sit around for three to four hours in various states of refrigeration before the lunch bell ever rings. This simple observation inspired some researchers from the University of Texas-Austin to ask the question: Do preschoolers’ packed lunches meet recommendations for safe food… Continue Reading

Sprouts and Bacteria: It’s the Growing Conditions

Who would’ve guessed sprouts?  Who would have predicted that Germany’s E. coli outbreak, already one of the worst food poisoning epidemics in recent times, might be connected to a food that is virtually a cliché for health foods and vegetarians? Actually, that might have been the guess of anybody familiar with the recent history of… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: More 411 Information

Last week I talked about Marler Clark’s nearly two-decade effort to provide information about food safety.  Here’s another example of the informational websites we’ve created to help keep consumers informed: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 48 million-foodborne illness cases occur in the United States every year. At least 128,000 Americans… Continue Reading

Reusable Grocery Bags: Time to Get the Lead Out?

Previous reports that reusable shopping bags can collect bacteria did little to dissuade some people from using them. Now, however, in further proof that there’s likely something environmentally wrong with most everything, the Tampa Tribune reports that reusable bags sold by two grocery store chains, Winn-Dixie and Publix, contain lead that could, after disposal, leach… Continue Reading

Restaurant Highchairs Dirtier Than Toilet Seats?

A company that makes antimicrobial products, including highchairs and baby changing tables, says it found restaurant highchairs that were harboring more bacteria than public toilet seats. London’s Daily Mail reported that Microban, which produces products with built-in microbial protection, took swab samples from highchairs in 30 restaurants and also from toilets.  Nicholas Moon, the company’s director of… Continue Reading