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Record case counts from live poultry spur renewed warning

Reporting a record year for human illnesses linked to live poultry, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wrapped up its investigation this week of eight Salmonella outbreaks that have sickened 895 people across 48 states. That’s more than double the 324 case count in June when the CDC initially announced the outbreaks. The first… Continue Reading

More than 600 sick in 45 states because of poultry pets

Salmonella traced to backyard flocks and pet chicks and ducklings continues to claim victims, with public health officials now tracking eight outbreaks across 45 states. Since the outbreaks were reported on June 2, there have been 287 confirmed cases added, bringing the total to 611 people sickened, according to an update this week from the… Continue Reading

More Salmonella Cases Linked to Chicks and Ducklings

The number of people sickened by Salmonella traced to chicks and ducklings from an Ohio mail order hatchery has risen from 123 to 163, according to a report released Monday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The illnesses – linked to contact with live baby poultry sold by Mt. Hatchery of Cincinnati,… Continue Reading

Paper Chronicles 8-Year Salmonella Outbreak Tied to Chicks

Boots-on-the-ground epidemiology — including interviews, disease surveillance, and traceback — was key in helping health officials solve and control an 8-year salmonella outbreak, the longest in U.S. history, which was ultimately tied to mail order chicks. Between 2004 and 2011, 316 reported illnesses from 43 states were linked to the same outbreak strain. A new paper… Continue Reading

Georgia Lawmakers Want People to Grow Their Own Food

In 1864, when Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman conducted his famous March to the Sea, splitting George apart like a ripe peach, his troops lived totally off the bounty of the land. Sherman’s Union army, marching without supplies, did not want for anything, while up north the Army of Virginia was experiencing disease and starvation… Continue Reading

Toll Grows in Outbreak Linked to Chicks, Ducklings

Fresh eggs, garden compost and natural pest control — those are just some of the benefits backyard chickens provide. But with at least 92 individuals — many of them children — now sickened by two strains of Salmonella in a multistate outbreak tied to homegrown poultry, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a… Continue Reading

Take Care to Avoid Risk with Backyard Chickens

As urban homesteading becomes increasingly popular, more people are refraining from store-bought eggs to try their hand at raising backyard chickens. However, despite the many potential benefits, it’s still necessary to take precautions against disease and pathogens like Salmonella. Last week, for example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that an outbreak… Continue Reading

39 Ill from Salmonella Tainted Chicks, Ducklings

A  multistate outbreak of Salmonella linked to backyard chicks and ducklings has expanded to affect 39 people in 15 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday. A national mail-order hatchery, Feed Store Chain A, is implicated in the outbreak, which was first reported by the CDC in May. Lab tests detected the Salmonella… Continue Reading