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Listeria Outbreak was a ‘Wake-Up Call’ for the U.S. Apple Industry


Following the recent outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes linked to caramel apples which killed seven people and hospitalized 34, the president of the U.S. Apple Association has called food safety the apple industry’s “top issue,” according to the Capital Press. Jim Bair, the association’s president, made the declaration on his most recent trip to Washington state, where he met… Continue Reading

USDA Approves Apples Genetically Engineered to Resist Browning


The U.S. Department of Agriculture has decided to approve new types of apples that have been genetically engineered not to brown as quickly after being cut. Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc., the company that developed the Arctic Granny and Arctic Golden varieties is currently engaging in a voluntary food safety assessment consultation with the Food and Drug Administration… Continue Reading

Food Safety Regulations Will Change Industry, Brackett Says



(This article by Tom Karst, national editor of The Packer, was first published Aug. 26, 2014, and is reposted here with permission.) The U.S. Food and Drug and Administration’s new food safety regulations aren’t the only changes facing fresh produce marketers, but the coming rules likely will be the most far-reaching, Robert Brackett believes. In a… Continue Reading

EPA Asked to Halt Pesticide Use on Apples Until New Safety Studies are Done


The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is calling on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to halt use of a pesticide commonly applied to conventionally grown apples to limit storage damage until EPA has done further safety studies. EWG’s president, Ken Cook, wrote EPA on Thursday asking that the agency launch a new investigation to determine… Continue Reading

Apple Slices Recalled for Potential Listeria Contamination


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday that Crunch Pak®, a Cashmere, WA, company, was recalling more than 5,000 cases of Crunch Pak® Apple Slices due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination. The apple slices subject to recall were shipped to regional distribution centers and sold to retailers. According to the announcement, the recall is… Continue Reading

McDonald’s, Gerber: No Plans to Use GMO Apple


Edit (Nov. 8): This article has been amended to include a response from the creators of the Arctic Apple. The original headline read “McDonald’s, Gerber Reject GMO Apple.” Both fast-food giant McDonald’s and leading baby-food manufacturer Gerber have announced that they do not plan to sell or use the “Arctic” apple, the first genetically engineered apple… Continue Reading

NW Tree Fruit Growers Also Want Redo on FSMA Rules

Apple boxes

There’s a lot of anxiety in Washington State’s $2.5-billion tree fruit industry over the Food Safety Modernization Act, the Yakima Herald Republic reports. On Monday, the newspaper reported that growers of Pacific Rose apples are posting quality control supervisors to make sure orchard workers are using the new handwashing stations popping up among the trees… Continue Reading

Apples Are Covered, Kale Is Exempt: A Look at the Proposed Produce Safety Rule


Last week Food Safety News published an article noting that nearly 80 percent of produce growers will be exempt from the landmark proposed rule that would for the first time require national preventative standards for the produce industry. We got feedback from a handful of readers who took issue with our headline because, while it is true… Continue Reading

6,000 Pounds of Expired Apple Slices Recalled for Listeria


Freshway Foods is recalling 6,671 pounds of sliced apples that were packaged on November 12. The apples all used the same packing machine, which may have been contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The company said they are not aware of any illnesses linked to their product, but the recall was initiated after a routine and random… Continue Reading

Alar Apples Case Precedence for BPI v. ABC

A closer look at the Lean Finely Textured Beef defamation case


The most important food product disparagement case to come before Beef Products Inc. v. ABC was dropped into the “in” basket at South Dakota’s First Judicial District in Elk Point, SD. Like this latest case, Auvil v. CBS “60 Minutes” involved a food product being damaged by what was shown and said on television. In… Continue Reading