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B.C. Hepatitis A Outbreak Under Investigation

British Columbia health authorities are monitoring a Hepatitis A outbreak in Dawson Creek, B.C. and trying to identify the source of the viral infection. Northern Health’s chief medical officer Dr. Sandra Allison said there have been five confirmed cases. Allison said the health teams are trying to identify where the infected people have been and eaten… Continue Reading

2011 Feedlot Study Finds E. coli Strains in Fecal Pools

The year before USDA’s new groundbreaking non-O157 E. coli policy went into effect, the agency went back to America’s feedlots to find out just how prevalent six new strains were at the source. The 2011 study into the prevalence of Escherichia coli O-Types and Shiga-Toxin genes in fecal samples from feedlots is being published in… Continue Reading