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The intersection of science and safety: NY testing pays off

The work of 43 people in New York led to more than 300 recalls and the removal of contaminated food from countless store shelves across the country in 2016, preventing illnesses and protecting the public. Those 43 people — microbiologists, chemists and support staff at the New York State Food Laboratory — were crucial to the… Continue Reading

Food safety Integration Forum spotlights information sharing

As was made all too clear once again with the terrorist attacks in Belgium last week, information sharing across agencies is crucial during investigations. Foodborne illness outbreak investigations are no different from terror investigations in that sense. Such information sharing is just one benefit from integration efforts in the U.S. among food safety officials and… Continue Reading

Food Safety Summit 2016 addresses public health risks

Industry experts and top regulatory officials including FDA Deputy Commissioner Mike Taylor are scheduled to discuss new efforts to reduce public health risks at the 18th annual Food Safety Summit in May. For the first time the event is scheduled in Chicagoland, with the exhibit hall, keynote sessions, certification courses and two dozen seminars and… Continue Reading

Top Food Safety Officials Focused on Collaborating Over Combining Agencies

Top officials of U.S. food safety agencies are not wholeheartedly supportive of a single food safety agency, arguing that collaboration is a higher priority. During the Food Safety Summit in Baltimore on Thursday, leadership from the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Agriculture, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Association of Food and Drug… Continue Reading

FSMA Questions Dominate Town Hall Session With Top Food Safety Regulators

Michael Taylor, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s deputy commissioner for foods and veterinary medicine, told the audience at the Food Safety Summit’s Town Hall on Thursday to expect a document explaining the principles guiding the agency’s internal work for implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Taylor was joined at the event in Baltimore… Continue Reading

New AFDO Document Reveals ‘Issues and Concerns With Imported Foods’

Just a step ahead of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s release of two rules for improving imported food safety, the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) has published its own guidance document entitled “Issues and Concerns with Imported Foods.” AFDO is an international nonprofit professional association based in York, PA. It says that… Continue Reading

The Best of Food Safety: Non-Government Organizations

This week, Food Safety News is acknowledging leaders who help keep our food supply safe.  Today we celebrate non-government organizations.  Of course, no list is ever complete so if you think we’ve forgotten someone, please leave us a note in the comments. Non-Government organizations bring together groups of like-minded people to focus on food safety issues at hand. … Continue Reading

AFDO Issues Guidance on Cottage Foods

With so many state lawmakers willing to throw out the rulebook when it comes to cottage foods, the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) has decided it’s time to draw the line. The 116-year-old AFDO has published a 20-page “guidance document” with “consensus opinion of best practices and limitations on this somewhat controversial matter.” AFDO… Continue Reading

Why USDA is Extending Public Comment on Its Proposal to Modernize Poultry Slaughter

ABC’s Jim Avila, the man who so adroitly ended the expected shelf life of lean, finely textured beef when failed TV chef Jamie Oliver and an award-winning but factually flawed ‘expose’ by the New York Times didn’t make much of a dent, took a swing at the USDA’s proposal to modernize poultry slaughter on a… Continue Reading

Working with Public Health Officials Key Topic at Food Safety Summit

Oscar Garrison, President of AFDO will present How the Food Industry and Public Health Officials Must Collaborate to Succeed at the Food Safety Summit on Wed, April 18. In addition to this keynote, Mr. Garrison will present a follow up session on bringing together public health officials and industry leaders to benchmark successful relationships.