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Letter From The Editor: The Money Bet


During my one-quarter century sabbatical from journalism, I was side-tracked for about five years with Seattle’s economic development organization.   Among my responsibilities was spending money on research. I got to hire some really smart people. I was mostly interested in why companies move.   The smart people found that the most reliable predictor for… Continue Reading

Rose Acre Farms: Another Bad Actor, Or a Deeper Problem?


The disgusting truth about industrial egg production is “it stinks”.  Sanitation in such environments stretches the imagination when you think of a million birds trapped in cages in huge shed-type structures called  “laying houses” and the tons of fecal material produced daily. While a high degree of cleanliness may be impractical in an industrial egg… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: Restaurants finally vaccinating employees against hepatitis A


The Ashland-Boyd County Kentucky Health Department says a worker at a McDonald’s in Ashland has been diagnosed with hepatitis A. The employee was diagnosed on May 23rd, 2018 and worked at the McDonald’s located at 2550 Winchester Avenue in Ashland, KY. According to press reports, McDonald’s is working with the health department to prevent any new cases from… Continue Reading

Food Safety Tips for Shopping at Your Favorite Farmers Market


The end of May means it’s nearly time for America’s favorite food lovers’ tradition: visiting your local farmers market. In addition to all the invigorating colors, exquisite aromas, strong flavors, and spirit of community, the farmers market is also an opportunity to develop one-on-one relationships with the people who produce your food! Their passion for… Continue Reading

Straightforward, step-by-step recalls are best for everyone


One month after leaving FDA, I was asked to advise a company that was about to undergo a food recall for the first time.    In my tenure at the Food and Drug Administration, leading communications for the foods program, I was usually involved in recalls tied to major outbreaks or to complex, potentially high-risk… Continue Reading

Touchdowns and toilet bowls


Editor’s note: This is 2018 winner of the “Publisher’s Award” for essays written as part of a food safety litigation class at the University of Arkansas Law School. The course is taught by Bill Marler and Denis Stearns of the Seattle law firm MarlerClark LLP. When you think about high school football, you think about… Continue Reading

House bill would boost FDA funding to more than $300 million


The Alliance for a Stronger FDA — which unites consumers, patient groups and industry in advocating for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) funding — Wednesday thanked the U.S. House appropriators for moving legislation forward that would provide a significant funding increase for the FDA. The added funds would enable FDA to carry out important programs… Continue Reading

Faces of Food Safety: Meet Kis Robertson Hale of FSIS


Editor’s note: This is a recent installment in a series of employee profiles being published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service, republished here with permission. Dr. Kis Robertson Hale, the Deputy Assistant Administrator (DAA) for the Office of Public Health Science (OPHS) and the FSIS Chief Public Health Veterinarian, knew her… Continue Reading