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Trina Wood

Trina Wood

Trina Wood is a communications officer for the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine where she draws on her background as a science writer to translate research papers into lay-audience friendly articles. Within any given week, she may be writing about novel brain tumors in raccoons, the genetic evolution of dogs, raptor rehabilitation, dental surgery on a mountain lion or the importance of veterinarians in protecting our food supply from pathogens. The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is consistently ranked in the top tier of the nation’s 28 veterinary schools and strives to advance the health of animals, the public and the environment.

Articles Written by Trina Wood

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What’s in Your Compost?


For home gardeners, spring is a busy time of year and there’s never a tomato with more flavor than one grown to full ripeness on the vine. But there are also many safety precautions to follow to prevent contamination of fruits and vegetables with pathogens that cause serious foodborne illness. Michele Jay-Russell, a veterinarian and… Continue Reading