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Phyllis Entis

Phyllis Entis

Phyllis Entis is the author of “Food Safety: Old Habits, New Perspectives” and “Food Microbiology–The Laboratory”. She has been a food safety microbiologist for 35 years, and has worked both in government and industry. She believes that everyone–government regulators, farmers and ranchers, food processors, food service workers, educators and consumers–has a responsibility to ensure that the food we eat is as safe as we can make it.

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Portions of Pet Food Safety Study are the ‘Epitome of Junk Science’



On March 31, 2013, I announced that I was “moving on,” and I ended my daily posts on eFoodAlert. Since then, I have been concentrating on my creative writing projects. Nevertheless, I’ve continued to monitor food safety stories, muttering under my breath from time to time about the quality of some of the coverage. But I have… Continue Reading

FDA Flexes Muscles To Achieve Kasel Pet Treat Recall


The extensive ‘voluntary’ pet treat recall announced on February 19th by Kasel Associated Industries (Denver, CO) was triggered by FDA’s threat to invoke its new mandatory recall authority, according to Siobhan DeLancey, spokesperson for FDA’s Office of Foods and Veterinary Medicine. Earlier today, DeLancey informed eFoodAlert by email that Kasel chose to voluntarily recall its… Continue Reading

Adulteration – In the Eyes of the Beholden?



“Salmonella on a raw uncooked product is not, in and of itself, a public health risk … Salmonella on a raw uncooked hamburger does not make it adulterated. It does not mean that the plant is not operating in an unsanitary way.” – Patrick Boyle, CEO of the American Meat Institute, in a 2002 Frontline interview… Continue Reading

Consumers: The New D. E. W. Line



Canadian and US readers of a ‘certain age’ will remember the NORAD Distant Early Warning Line that was a regular news item during the Cold War. The D.E.W. line consisted of a series of radar emplacements across the Canadian Arctic that were designed to give the military an early warning of incoming nuclear missiles from… Continue Reading

More Than 1,000 Ill in Dutch Salmonella Outbreak


The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) reported today that 1,026 people are now confirmed to have been infected with Salmonella Thompson, in an outbreak of salmonellosis that has been linked to contaminated smoked salmon. This represents an increase of 76 cases last week. RIVM notes that the number of new patients… Continue Reading

The Sunland Salmonella Nut Recall from A to Z


Editor’s note: This list originally appeared on Phyllis Entis’s blog, EFoodAlert, where she is maintaining an up-to-date list of all nut products being recalled by Sunland, Inc. for potential Salmonella contamination. The first list below names all almond and peanut butters  and whole peanut products recalled by Sunland; the second includes all known secondary recalls… Continue Reading

“It’s Not Our Job!”



That’s the mantra chanted by FDA whenever they are asked to provide retail distribution information for recalled products. It’s the mantra offered by some State Departments of Health – and, on occasion, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – when asked for details on outbreak cases in their states. And it’s the mantra… Continue Reading

Salmonella Confirmed in Two Dogs Fed Recalled Pet Food

Two dogs can be added to the list of clinically confirmed infections in the Diamond Pet Foods Salmonella Infantis outbreak, according to FDA’s Laura Alvey, Deputy Director, Communications Staff at the agency’s Center for Veterinary Medicine. Both dogs lived in the same house as an outbreak victim, and were fed one of the recalled dry… Continue Reading

Diamond Pet Foods Recalls: Consumers Want Answers

What pet owners don’t know about the details of the Diamond Pet Foods recalls is a lot! And they are now demanding answers – from the manufacturer, from companies like Natural Balance, and from retailers. One frustrated animal lover – Erich Riesenberg of Iowa Pet Adoptions – has created a petition on Change.org, seeking answers to… Continue Reading

Expanded Recall of Diamond Pet Foods Dry Dog Food


Phyllis Entis, author of the eFoodAlert blog, put together this thorough report on the Diamond Pet Foods link to a multistate outbreak of Salmonella infection, which has sickened at least 14 people, and the expansion of its earlier recalls, which now includes all formulas and package sizes of many brands manufactured at its Gaston, South… Continue Reading