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‘Pink Slime:’ Some Questions About What’s Really at Stake


The “pink slime” furor gets curiouser and curiouser.  It’s hard to keep up (see yesterday’s post) but here’s my summary of where we are with this for the moment. What is the furor about? The best place to start is with Michael Moss’s December 30, 2009 investigative report in the New York Times on the… Continue Reading

The Latest in Meat Safety: Another Form of Zapping?

Bacterial contamination of meat is an ongoing problem and everyone wishes for an easy fix–one that does not require meat producers and packers to prevent contamination. Irradiation works, but raises feasibility and other concerns. How about electrocution? Food Production Daily reports that hitting meat with electrical current reduces toxic E. coli O157:H7 on meat surfaces… Continue Reading

The New Study of Protein and Weight Gain: Calories Count!

I was intrigued by the new study from the Pennington Research Center concluding that weight gain depends on calories, not how much protein you eat. The idea that the protein, fat, or carbohydrate content of your diet matters more to weight than how many calories you eat persists despite much evidence to the contrary. This… Continue Reading

FDA Tests Apple Juice for Arsenic, Says Most Are OK

Perhaps in response to Consumer Reports’ charges that levels of arsenic in children’s juices are so high that more restrictive standards would be healthier (see previous post), the FDA has done its own tests, updated its arsenic home page, and strengthened its Q and A on arsenic. The Q and A includes these questions: Is… Continue Reading

The German E. coli Outbreak: Now Sprouts?

I haven’t said anything about the E. coli 0104 crisis in Germany up to now because I’ve been waiting for the evidence.  Without evidence, the source of the outbreak remains uncertain. Sunday, the minister of agriculture (in Lower Saxony) announced that sprouts are the cause. But are they? What is known without question is that… Continue Reading

2010 Dietary Guidelines, Deconstructed

I have now had time to look at the full report of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines-all 95 pages of what they are calling “the policy document.” Oh no!  What happened to the Selected Messages for Consumers that I posted yesterday?  “Enjoy your food” is not in it and neither are any of the other clear,… Continue Reading