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Michael F. Jacobson

Michael F. Jacobson

Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D., is co-founder and executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a nonprofit health advocacy organization supported largely by the 900,000 subscribers to its Nutrition Action Healthletter. CSPI is a key player in battles against obesity, cardiovascular disease, and other health problems, using such tactics as education to legislation to litigation. Jacobson has written numerous books and reports, including Nutrition Scoreboard, Six Arguments for a Greener Diet, Salt: the Forgotten Killer, and Liquid Candy: How Soft Drinks are Harming Americans’ Health.

Articles Written by Michael F. Jacobson

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Letter: Trans Fat Commentary Misses Mark

Matt Cheung’s uninformed article (Banning Trans Fats–How Important Is It?, Jan. 16) has no place in Food Safety News, unless the latter now has a fiction section. Mr. Cheung questions whether it makes sense for states to be devoting resources to banning artificial trans fat from restaurants.  Of course it does, particularly when the U.S…. Continue Reading

Why the FDA Shouldn’t Back Down on Shellfish


Oysters harvested from the Gulf of Mexico during the warm months of summer have a high risk of being contaminated with deadly Vibrio vulnificus bacteria. Most healthy people don’t have to worry about that particular bug, but for those with weakened immune systems, Vibrio is literally a killer. Every summer, like clockwork, a dozen or… Continue Reading