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Marilyn Dolan

Marilyn Dolan

Marilyn F. Dolan has over 29 years’ experience in the field of agricultural public relations and issues management. As Executive Director of the Alliance for Food and Farming, Dolan regularly communicates information on food safety issues to the media, produce trade and consumer audiences.  In 2010, the Alliance for Food and Farming launched an initiative known as Safe Fruits and Veggies to promote the consumption of all fruits and vegetables by providing credible, science-based information to ease common fears about pesticide residues.  Dolan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural journalism from California Polytechnic State University, San Louis Obispo.

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Questions for the Environmental Working Group


A few weeks ago, the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued its annual Pesticide Data Program (PDP) report, which once again confirms that “residues do not pose a food safety concern.” Sadly, with the exception of Food Safety News, which covered the report in a March 10 story by Lydia Zuraw, very few in the media covered… Continue Reading

EPA/USDA Food Safety Statements in PDP Report Helpful to Consumers


In late February, the United States Department of Agriculture released its annual Pesticide Data Program report results. Once again, USDA strongly reiterated that “U.S. food does not pose a safety concern based upon pesticide residues.” The Environmental Protection Agency echoed that statement and added that “EPA remains committed to a rigorous, science-based and transparent regulatory… Continue Reading