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Laura Mushrush

Laura Mushrush

Laura Mushrush is a digital and print journalist with a specialty in livestock production. After graduating from Kansas State University in 2013 with degrees in agricultural journalism and animal science and industry, she worked as an associate editor for Farm Talk Newspaper, covering the four-state area of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. From there, she joined the editorial team for Drovers Magazine, where she covered ag policy, food safety, business management and production practices for the U.S. beef industry. Recently, Mushrush has taken her career international with photography and feature pieces appearing in British, Canadian and Swedish publications. When she’s not writing, Mushrush is working on her family’s purebred Red Angus ranch or for their specialty meat company. She takes her scotch neat, steak rare and burgers cooked to 160 degrees F.

Articles Written by Laura Mushrush

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Technology gives transparency to transportation food safety

The second in a four-part series brought to you by Par Technology Corp.

illustration farm to fork

There are mountains of it; fresh, nutritious, beautiful — belonging on the finished plates of high-end restaurants, school lunch trays and dinner tables across America. But instead, it’s dumped into landfills to rot into nothing — enough each year to feed 3 billion people. On top of that overall estimate, the Food and Agriculture Organization… Continue Reading

Contaminated food contaminates consumers’ trust

The first in a four-part series brought to you by Par Technology Corp.

trust compass

A breach in food safety is enough to knock restaurants, grocers, retailers and everyone in the supply chain to their knees when contaminated food contaminates the trust consumers have in their products. Take Chipotle Mexican Grill for example, the most recent poster child for damaged customer relationships. In July 2015, the first of six foodborne… Continue Reading