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Leah Garces

Leah Garces

Global Animal Partnership Board of Directors member and USA Director for Compassion in World Farming, a U.K.-based organization with offices around the world, Leah Garcés has worked to advance higher welfare for farm animals for well over a decade and has authored and edited several reports and books on animals in agriculture. A strong proponent of collaboration, she recently launched the multi-stakeholder Georgians for Pastured Poultry.

Articles Written by Leah Garces

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Chicken Industry Acts More Like Ostriches



Last month, something unprecedented happened that rocked the chicken industry’s world. Perdue contract farmer Craig Watts decided he’d had enough. Together with my organization, Compassion in World Farming, he released a video that gave the public a unique view into the secretive world of the chicken industry. He revealed what the National Chicken Council (NCC), USDA, and… Continue Reading

Consumer Marketing Win: Ending ‘Humanewashing’



Earlier this year, Cassandra White of Clarkston, GA, gathered more than 165,000 signatures for a Change.org petition asking Kroger to stop misleading customers. Kroger’s Simple Truth Natural Chicken bore the words “raised in a humane environment.” White said, “When I go to the grocery store, I read the labels carefully because I want to know… Continue Reading

Is Perdue’s ‘Eat Like Your Ancestors’ Campaign Calling for Chicken Industry Reform?



“Eat like your ancestors.” The phrase brings about feelings of nostalgia for all that is good, simple and natural about food. Perdue’s Harvestland campaign slogan conjures up an image of farming ways of the past. Its website points consumers to chicken recipes from the turn of the century. At that time, the world of chicken… Continue Reading

Dead-End Genetics: Why the Chicken Industry Needs a New Roadmap


Chickens in coop

Peering through a sunlit barn in rural Kansas, fourth-generation poultry farmer Frank Reese rattles off names of chicken breeds that were once common – Barred Rock, Dark Brahma, Ancona, Rhode Island Red, Dark Cornish. He points to an elegant-looking bird perching on some nest boxes. The bird, a Rose Comb Leghorn, flies down and runs… Continue Reading

Why We Haven’t Seen Inside a Broiler Chicken Factory Farm in a Decade



In 2003, the animal protection group Compassion Over Killing produced a video exposé of the biggest farm animal industry in our country – the factory farming of chickens raised for meat.  Entitled 45 days,  it laid out the short, brutal life of a broiler  (i.e. meat) chicken: panting, overcrowded, lame, limping and even dead birds…. Continue Reading