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Dubai Cracks Down on Food Safety During Ramadan

Dubai Municipalitiy’s Food Control Department issued nearly 200 fines to establishments caught breaking food safety regulations in early August, the month of Ramadan. The inspectors focused on outlets selling food in particular demand during the holy month. The National newspaper reported that Sultan Ali al Tahir, the acting head of the Product Control section, said… Continue Reading

Groups Hand-Deliver 180,000 Letters to FDA

U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently received more than 180,000 hand-delivered letters from citizens concerned about proposed FDA action on antibiotic use in animals. These concerned citizens represent people who see a connection between the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture and an increase in human resistance to the same life-saving drugs.  The letters were… Continue Reading

Nevada Assemblyman Proposes Food Tax

Most Americans have suffered in one way or another from the recent economic downturn, but money problems don’t just apply to citizens. An overwhelming number of state governments are facing record budget deficits this year. Nevada is projected to be about $3 billion short for the state’s 2-year budget cycle that begins July 1, 2011…. Continue Reading

FDA Releases Draft Calorie Labeling Rules

Tuesday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a preliminary draft of the restaurant menu labeling rules that will go into effect on March 23, 2011. The FDA is inviting comment from the public on the proposed rules. The agency is also inviting public recommendations to help determine the amount of time it should hold… Continue Reading

Second Salmonella Lawsuit Filed Against Taco Bell

A second victim of the widespread Salmonella outbreak linked to Taco Bell restaurants filed a lawsuit against the restaurant chain Monday.  The plaintiff in the lawsuit is Tammy Hale, a Scioto County, Ohio resident who became ill with a Salmonella Hartford infection after eating at a Taco Bell in Wheelersburg, Ohio in early June. Tammy… Continue Reading