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Laurel Curran

Laurel Curran

Laurel Curran is currently an undergraduate student at Willamette University, majoring in Politics with a minor in American History. Originally from Bainbridge Island, Washington, she hopes to attend law school in the Seattle area. In her free time Laurel volunteers with a program for at-risk elementary school students.

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Rapid Recall Exchange Celebrates First Year

After its first year of operation, the Rapid Recall Exchange, an online service that aims to speed up notice of recalls and the withdrawal of recalled food and products from store shelves, has signed up 500 members. The end of September marked the first anniversary for the 24-hour communication network, which connects product suppliers and distributors.  The service… Continue Reading

Gloves Alone Aren’t Enough for Food Safety

Gloves have become something of a symbol of food safety but, in fact, can inspire a false sense of security, conclude the authors of a series of studies published in the Journal of Food Protection. The authors say that, contrary to common knowledge, even gloves used properly in food preparation can’t by themselves adequately protect… Continue Reading

Russia Reacts to Excessive Antibiotics in Pork

After what they said was the discovery of  excessive antibiotics in some U.S. and European pork, Russian officials announced a ban on imports from two Smithfield processing facilities and plants in other countries. Yevgeniy Khorishko, press secretary at the Russian embassy in Washington D.C., said the pork imports have been barred temporarily since Sept. 8… Continue Reading

Ban Unchanged As Japan, U.S. Talk Beef Safety

Officials from Japan and the United States met in San Francisco last week for two days of much-anticipated discussion about American beef safety, but the talks ended without any change to Japan’s strict laws barring meat from American cows over 20 months of age. Japanese import regulations toward U.S. beef tightened after the 2003 mad… Continue Reading

September is National Food Safety Month

This September marks the 15th annual observance of National Food Safety Month.  Created by the food industry in 1995, the month is intended to renew focus on safety precautions within the food industry and within American homes. For the National Restaurant Foundation, this year’s theme is”High-Risk Customers: Serve Your Fare with Extra Care.”  The Foundation,… Continue Reading