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Luca Bucchini

Luca Bucchini

Luca Bucchini is a food risk scientist and consultant. Based in Rome, Italy, he is co-founder and managing director of Hylobates, a European food safety and nutrition consultancy. In the past ten years he has worked with academia, food industry, and authorities, at the EU, national and regional level. He is leading research teams in risk-benefit assessment of food and food supplements, as well as food risk communication. As a consultant, he works with European businesses and public bodies to assess risks of foods and novel ingredients, to prevent food contamination, and to prepare for recalls and food crises.

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Italy’s Experience Liberalizing Raw Milk Sales: Can’t Put the Genie Back in the Bottle

On Jan. 25, 2007, Italy formally authorized the sale of raw milk to consumers through automatic vending devices. The decision had its legal basis in the generous interpretation  of a 2004 provision in European Union hygiene law, and followed intense lobbying from farmers and local authorities. In fact, since 2004, local authorities had permitted sales… Continue Reading