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Jill Warning

Jill Warning

Jill M. Warning is a lawyer developing skills for assisting the burgeoning group of new farmers. She hopes to contribute to new ideas for financial vehicles to provide asset protection to farmers in order to preserve small towns, family farms and conventional farming.

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Take a Note From Granny's PlayBook…

Take a Note From Granny’s PlayBook… …by making those jams and jellies she used to make. …by pickling your cucumbers, peppers and green beans. …by canning fruits and vegetables in sturdy glass jars. …but make sure you update the recipes! Whether your grandmother or grandfather was responsible for storing the summer’s harvest, you may want… Continue Reading

What nutrients did you put on your tongue today?

How many times a day do you consider the nutritional value of what you place on your tongue? Do you think, “Mmmmm…Beta Carotein, just what I wanted?” Huh? Never? Don’t tell me you’ve never thought, “Oh yea, calcium is just what I needed this morning!” Really? Not you? All right, how about “Yummy, yummy chocolate?”… Continue Reading

Where did this hamburger come from?

What’s wrong with this picture? What’s more American than a hamburger? Apple pie? Baseball? Maybe. Yet hamburgers alone are an American icon at risk of becoming a symbol of the regulatory dsyfunction behind many food safety issues discussed on this website.   This Sunday, a New York Times Magazine article by Michael Moss highlighted the… Continue Reading

Eat When Hungry; Stop When Full.

Eat When Hungry; Stop When Full. There is a new set of food safety instructions to consider, “Eat when hungry; stop when full.” It sounds self-explanatory, but healthy eating habits, nutrition and portion sizes are important aspects of food safety that are uniquely the responsibility of consumers. Most aspects of food safety are addressed by… Continue Reading

Health Insurance as a Refrigerator

Eating cultures, food safety, and health insurance as a refrigerator To many people, “food safety” can sound…well, let’s face it, kinda boring. “Who cares whether COOL (country-of-origin-labeling) passes Congress, let’s get cheesesteaks for lunch!” Yet food safety is about more than where that cut of beef was born, grew up and slaughtered.   Food safety has a… Continue Reading