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John Brooks

John Brooks

John D. Brooks is a microbiologist, specialising in food microbiology. On graduation he spent a period of time working at ICI UK, helping to develop the methanol-based Single Cell Protein process. He did a PhD in biochemical engineering at Sydney University, continuing his work on C1 metabolism. He then took up a position at Massey University, teaching food microbiology, and remained there for 30 years, eventually specializing in biofilm research. John is now Professor of Food Microbiology at Auckland University of Technology and Co-Director of the Biotechnology Research Institute, where he founded the Biofilm Research Unit. His research reaches into the aquaculture, dairy and medical industries. He has consulted extensively for the food industry and is a member of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority Science Academy, which provides specialist expertise and advice to the Authority.

Articles Written by John Brooks

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On Cronobacter sakazakii

Cronobacter sakazakii is an environmental contaminant, which mostly affects only a small subset of the population, such as premature babies and infants under 1 year of age.  It is most notable for being associated with the deaths of neonates fed infant formula via naso-gastric tubing. Though it is ubiquitous in nature, only powdered infant formula… Continue Reading