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Hal King

Hal King

Hal King, Ph.D., is president and CEO of Public Health Innovations LLC. He has investigated foodborne and other disease outbreaks at CDC, researched disease causation at Emory University School of Medicine, worked on preventing intentional adulteration of foods in the U.S. Army Reserves, and was the director of Food and Product Safety at Chick-fil-A Inc.

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Real-time recall alerts — long needed and now possible


More than one in six people in the United States are poisoned by adulterated food each year, and more than 3,000 of them die, with the CDC estimating the numbers are actually 30 times higher when you consider under reporting and unconfirmed cases of disease.  These cases of preventable diseases cause many other impacts on the public health, including… Continue Reading

It’s all in the training, and the training is readily available


You might not normally consider a training course in food safety to be an innovation. However, when you consider the impact a course can have on the actual prevention of foodborne diseases, physical and chemical adulteration of foods, and the prevention of undeclared allergens in food, the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance’s (FSPCA) course is an… Continue Reading