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Improving Consumer Trust in Today’s Food System

In early October, I had the pleasure of attending the 5th Annual Center for Food Integrity (CFI) Food System Summit in Chicago.  This year’s Summit brought together a diverse group of food system members including farmers, producers, processors, manufacturers, academicians, food scientists, health professionals and others to hear from food safety and nutrition experts on… Continue Reading

Keeping the Kids Food Safe

As a mom, I feel like I always have food on the brain!  Whether I’m preparing meals, encouraging my kids to eat their veggies, or grocery shopping for the week, my life revolves around mealtimes. This is a good thing–my thoughts around meal- and snack time mean my family gets the nutrition that they need… Continue Reading

Food Colors: A Spectrum of Thoughts

When I think of food colors, I instantly think of baking cookies with my mom and sisters during the holidays as a kid.  My sisters and I would always get into fights over who got to squeeze the brightly colored tubes of food coloring into the batter.  And of course, I recalled the days of… Continue Reading

Navigating Food Nanotechnology

I’m back in Washington, D.C. after a trip to the wonderful city of Chicago to attend the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) 2010 Annual Meeting & Food Expo, where food science experts from around the world representing academia, industry, and government gather to learn about the latest innovations in food science and technology.  While I… Continue Reading

Don’t Let Food Allergies Stand in the Way of Fun!

Summer vacation is upon us, and kids will start enjoying the long days by playing outside, going to sleepovers and pool parties, and seeking air conditioning and independence at the mall or the movie theater.  For parents of food-allergic children the lack of structure and supervision is certainly a cause for concern: how can I… Continue Reading

Raw Milk: Think Before You Drink

June is National Dairy Month and the perfect time to celebrate the nutritious properties of dairy products.  Besides the wonderful taste of a cold chocolate milkshake, the creamy texture of yogurt or the added tang of sharp cheddar on a salad, dairy products provide vital nutrients like calcium, vitamin D and protein.   With all their… Continue Reading

Food Technology: ‘What’s in it for Me?’

Many of us can probably recall a time when we waited in a long line just to purchase the latest mobile or electronic technology.  But, do we have the same reaction when it comes to technology used in food production? Granted, it may not seem as exciting as that new MP3 player or cell phone,… Continue Reading