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Environmental Health News is a foundation-funded news organization that advances the public’s understanding of environmental health issues by reporting and publishing news stories and providing daily access to news from other media around the world.

Articles by EHN journalists are published at EHN.org and provided to newspapers and other media. The content is under the control of Editor in Chief Marla Cone, an award-winning environmental journalist. EHN also offers timely, daily access to hundreds of articles on environmental health topics published each day in the world press, and its searchable archives date back to 2002. EHN is funded by foundations and does not accept funding from interest groups.

Articles Written by Environmental Health News

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Scientists Critical of EU’s Draft Chemical Regulation Policy Have Industry Ties

This special report by Stéphane Horel and Brian Bienkowski was originally published Sept. 23 by Environmental Health News. Seventeen scientists who have criticized plans in Europe to regulate endocrine-disrupting chemicals have past or current ties to regulated industries. An investigation by Environmental Health News reveals that of 18 toxicology journal editors who signed a controversial editorial, 17… Continue Reading