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David Walpuck

David Walpuck

David Walpuck is a native of Tarrytown New York. He is a certified professional in food safety (CP-FS) from The National Environmental Health Association, an administrator for The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals and has twenty years’ experience in operations, auditing, consulting and teaching. He is also the author of the book Contaminated: Negligence in Food Safety.

Articles Written by David Walpuck

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Temperature Logs: A Misunderstood Liability



Log documentation involving temperature is a necessary tool in any food processing environment. Whether it is cold holding, hot holding, cooking, cooling, refrigeration, freezer or time controlled, temperature logs not only shed a light on whether an employee understands the process, but are also a strong indicator of potential liability. If left unchecked, no matter… Continue Reading

Here Comes the Cold Weather — and Mus Musculus



For much of the country, as the temperatures drop, there is increased activity of mice to find a harborage area. For any food operation, or homeowner, for that matter, this means an increased potential of infestation if some proactive measures are not taken to eliminate entry. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Think like a… Continue Reading

Condensation: The Liquid Enemy



Whether it is dripping from a refrigeration fan unit, beading on the interior packaging of an improperly cooled ready-to-eat food, causing rust on metal food contact surfaces of equipment or directly on frozen raw shrimp, condensation is a food safety concern and must be dealt with accordingly by anyone producing food. Excessive moisture from condensation… Continue Reading

The ABCs of New York City’s Restaurant Grades: Part 4



(This editorial is part of a series. You can find earlier entries here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.) Per Se, an upscale and expensive restaurant in Manhattan, found itself on ABC News recently – not for the great food, but for the less-than-stellar health inspection it received on Feb. 19, 2014. This disclosure went… Continue Reading

Did the Salem Witches of 1692 Suffer from Food Poisoning?



Rumors of witchcraft began spreading through the Salem Massachusetts colony prior to 1692 and helped fuel the turmoil between the different religious sects in the area. Life at that time was strictly governed by the church. Music, dancing and the celebration of holidays were forbidden because the belief was this activity was Pagan. Ironically, the… Continue Reading

The ABCs of New York City’s Restaurant Grades: Part 3



There’s been  some good news for restaurant operators in New York City. Food safety fines will be reduced. The $50 million-a-year revenue will now be brought down to an estimated $30 million. (What’s $20 million between friends anyway?) In addition, grade standards will be reassessed, an office will be created to mediate between operators and… Continue Reading

The ABCs of New York City’s Restaurant Grades: Part 2



In “The ABCs of New York Restaurant Grades,” I highlighted the pros and cons of how the system works. After viewing a recent news cast on how some restaurants are not posting their grades properly for public view at their locations, I felt compelled to comment on the issue. Restaurants that do not conspicuously post their… Continue Reading

Terror Through Food



As someone who was in New York City on 09/11/01, I saw the fear, death and destruction first hand. It is something I will never forget. The recent bombings at the Boston Marathon remind me of just how vulnerable our society is. Killing and maiming innocent people, especially children, with an exploding pressure cooker packed… Continue Reading