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Putting the Spotlight on Healthcare Food Service

I know you already knew this, but it’s National Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week.   All sarcasm aside, the importance of safe food handling practices for healthcare workers is likely underrated.  While safe food is important to all of us, healthcare food service workers serve a particularly vulnerable population.  The elderly, in particular, are foremost among… Continue Reading

Tracing Mad Cow Makes Litigation Unlikely

Drew Falkenstein and I co-authored “Tracing Mad Cow Makes Litigation Unlikely,” an article on litigation resulting from bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow) contamination for the March 2006 edition of the King County Bar Association’s Bar Bulletin.  Here we address the question of whether Mad Cow litigation is imminent. “It is difficult, at least in part… Continue Reading

Recouping the Costs of Outbreak Investigations and Prevention

“Recouping the Costs of Outbreak Investigations and Prevention,” an article on whether Environmental Health Agencies and Health Departments should seek reimbursement for costs involved in outbreak investigations and prevention appeared in the January/February 2006 Journal of Environmental Health. Two key issues influence a public health agency’s decision to seek reimbursement:  Replenishing the agency’s budget to… Continue Reading

The Use of Public Health Documents in Foodborne-Illness Litigation

“The Use of Public Health Documents in Foodborne-Illness Litigation” appeared in the September, 2006 issue of the Journal of Environmental Health. How public health documents are used in foodborne illness litigation is a popular topic among environmental health and health department audiences, and this article provides background for all public health audiences.  Environmental health data… Continue Reading