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Plea Agreement Will Limit Lightsey’s Prison Time to Six Years at Most

Samuel Lightsey, the former processing plant manager for Peanut Corporation of America at Blakely, GA, entered guilty pleas late Wednesday to multiple federal felony counts stemming from the deadly 2008-2009 Salmonella outbreak. Lightsey and the government reached a plea agreement for cooperation against other defendants in exchange for sentencing consideration to keep his prison term… Continue Reading

Peanut Corporation of America Defendant Changing Plea on Criminal Charges

A change-of-plea hearing will be held today at 4 p.m. EDT for Samuel Lightsey, the former Peanut Corporation of America plant manager in Blakely, GA. Notice of the hearing, being held at the C.B. King U.S. Courthouse in Albany, GA, was filed Tuesday by the court. Indicted with three other former PCA executives in February… Continue Reading

Rancho Revisited: Turning Ripe and Risqué at the Same Time

February’s recall of 8.7 million pounds of beef from the Rancho Feeding Corp. slaughterhouse in Petaluma, CA, is turning both ripe and risqué. It’s ripe for a grand jury indictment and risqué because recently reported aspects of the case involve a romantic relationship between the plant foreman and a federal meat inspector. USDA’s Food Safety… Continue Reading

Colorado’s New Political Recipe For Marijuana-Infused Food May Take Time

Suggestions are being made in Colorado for immediate drastic action over the sale of marijuana-infused food. However, it now seems that any changes in the regulation of so-called “edibles” will be slow and deliberate ones. Possible push-back by the state’s new cash-infused marijuana industry may be why two bills dealing with edibles that quickly passed… Continue Reading

Prosecution Must Show Parnell Had Knowledge of Crimes Charged

Patrick H. Hearn, one of the trial attorneys from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Branch, has turned in the government’s view of the importance of knowledge in the crimes with which Stewart Parnell is charged. “Knowledge is an element of the crimes that defendant Stewart Parnell has been charged with in the indictment,”… Continue Reading

Europe’s 2011 Killer Pathogen Could Have Been Spread on Purpose or Accidentally

A new analysis applied to Northern Europe’s deadly 2011 E. coli O101:H4 outbreak calls the official assumption that the pathogen, spread by “its natural origin,” is “questionable.” Further, the Serbian-German researchers say that neither accidental nor deliberate spreading of the pathogen can be ruled out as the cause. Based on their findings, the researchers are… Continue Reading

Survey: Consumers Might Read Organic Label Differently Than Organic Standards Board

The Consumer Reports National Research Center says that “questionable practices” remain in the regulation of the fast-growing organics industry. It is hoping that new public opinion research released today as the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) begins a four-day meeting in San Antonio will help narrow the divide between what consumers think they are getting and what… Continue Reading